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Professional structural geology analysis, specialising in collecting various data types including structural measurements from core, underground and field mapping. We also provide interpretation of remote sensed data sets for regional exploration...

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GMEX are a unique commercial consultancy that specialises in the application of Geomechanical and Fluid-Flow modelling. Geomechanical models are a critical component for drill targeting, we have been successful in targeting ore and in reducing costs for many companies...

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We routinely undertake Prospectivity Analysis and Review of exploration tenements and deposits. We specialise in using various datasets and data types to enhance the mineral systems analysis. Our aim is to provide the best mineral potential map from the available data...

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GMEX and partners offer a variety of training and workshops for geologists of all levels. Introductory structural geology refresher courses through to advanced geomechanical and geochemical modelling and mineral potential mapping...

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Having worked with GMEX on multiple projects, I have seen first-hand the practical applications and benefits of combining geomechanics with structural geology to highlight prospective near mine exploration targets. When coupled with traditional methods, geomechanical modelling provides geologists with an innovative and alternative approach to near mine exploration. This technique should be utilised by all geologists when exploring near mine or regional environments.

Brad Miller

Senior Geologist, Ernest Henry Mining

GMEX is at the cutting edge of linking advanced structural interpretation with exploration targeting. I was recently involved in a project in which we used GMEX’s 2D regional scale modelling to predict the location of dilation, fluid flow and mineralisation with a remarkable success rate. Every modelled target we ground proofed demonstrated brecciation, veining and mineralisation at surface, using nothing but a simple structural interp from magnetics. If you are exploring for structurally hosted mineralisation I strongly recommend using GMEX both for regional scale targeting and near mine targeting.

Mat Brown

Chief Geologist, Xanadu Mines

Geomechanics and fluid pressure are significant contributors to localising mineralisation in an epithermal district, making modelling the combination of these an obvious decision. Blind modelling by GMEX was able to successfully locate known deposits, while integration with other data sets is proving invaluable in focusing exploration efforts in a target-rich area. I recommend the unrivaled knowledge and experience of GMEX to anyone wanting to apply geomechanical modelling.

Chris Chambers

Senior Research Geologist, Minjar Gold

GMEX uses geomechanical modelling to improve near-mine and district- to regional exploration targeting. If you have a set of target criteria that use geophysically-interpreted faults, the common problem arises as to where along that particular fault was most likely to fail and focus mineralising fluids. The modelling of ‘active’ deformation scenarios in both 2D and in 3D produces simulations of rock failure and dilation which address this. In the absence or scarcity of drilling, this is an excellent way to try to narrow down the focus of an exploration program for structurally-controlled mineralization.  I have worked with GMEX on several projects, both R&D and consulting, and their work has been instrumental in focusing drill programs and follow-up work, as well assisting in some genuine discoveries.

Nick Oliver

Director, HCOV Global

GMEX is a breath of fresh air in the mining and exploration world, providing innovative and highly skilled, structural and geomechanical techniques to mineral discovery. GMEX provided the geologists at Sunrise Dam with an alternative approach to in- and near-mine exploration, which resulted in the discovery of the validation of key and strategic geological models, in addition into aiding with the discovery of the 4Moz Vogue ore body at the Sunrise Dam Au mine in Western Australia. GMEX is a highly-professional and capable group and provides tangential thinking to mineral exploration that resulted in new discoveries. I highly-recommend their innovative and complimentary approach to both mine and exploration geologists to greatly enhance the potential of drilling targets both at Indicated and Inferred stages of the Mineral Resource process.

Michael Nugus

Principal Economic Geologist, AngloGold Ashanti

June 2014 ASX Media Release Saracen Minerals.........Dr John McLellan from GMEX Pty Ltd was contracted to carry out a stress modelling study on the Red October deposit. A data set of structural observations from core and field mapping was compiled and used to create a three dimensional mesh of the deposit. A series of regional scale stress fields of varying deformational stages and strengths were applied to the mesh to predict the behaviour of the Red October deposit and highlight areas of increased stress and strain and thus likely mineralisation. Two targets were drilled in the recent RC campaign with results supporting John’s findings.

Daniel Howe

Chief Geologist, Saracen Minerals Pty Ltd


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GSQ Project Delivery

GMEX and Dr John McLellan delivered the main project outcomes from a 12-month research project focused in Mt Isa Inlier, northwest Queensland. This project “Advanced Understanding of Structural and Geochemical Controls on Mineralisation in the Eastern Mt Isa Inlier Using Innovative Techniques for Exploration” commenced in July 2015. The project used a combination of geomechanical […]

GMEX Secures Queensland Exploration Council Contract for Mt Isa Cu-Au Exploration

GMEX has successfully negotiated a contract with the Geological Survey of Queensland and the Queensland Exploration council to undertake and lead an innovative Research Team in the Cloncurry District of the Mt Isa Inlier. The project is focused on better understanding the structural, geomechanical and geochemical controls of Copper and Gold mineralisation in the district. […]

AUSIMM 9th International Mining & Geology Conference

GMEX and Dr John McLellan was involved in 3 paper presentations at the AUSIMM 9th International Mining Conference in Adelaide, following up on successful paper presentations at the World Gold Conference in the previous year. The most recent presentation papers presented innovative structural and geomechanical techniques used in target generation for the Sunrise Dam Gold […]

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