Who We Are

GMEX is an innovative and progressive geoscience and geological consultancy company based in Queensland, Australia. We specialise in mineralisation targeting for mining and exploration companies. GMEX employs a scientifically rigorous approach, tangential thinking and unique problem solving techniques to gain a better understanding of the geological system, which then assists us in defining specific mineralisation targeting approaches. GMEX has worked closely with some of the world’s largest explorers and mining companies, providing expert advice and assisting them with cost reductions and increase production of base and precious metals.

What We Do

GMEX provides expert guidance and consultation on the relationship between structural controls and mineralisation. We focus on the importance of key geological processes, such as deformation and associated fluid flow, during mineralisation events. GMEX specialises in using structural analysis and both discrete and continuum methods to solve many geological process driven questions, ultimately leading to highly improved predictive capacity for mining and exploration companies. We have successfully used these techniques in many different geological environments and mineral systems including Fe-Oxide Cu-Au, Cu, Pb-Zn-Ag, Archean Au, Epithermal Au, REE and Volcanogenic U-Mo systems. GMEX is a leading company in our field and we continue to publish and present our scientific findings at various conference meetings worldwide. In essence we provide a unique and targeted service to enable better prediction of mineralisation for your company. Understanding the process makes the “Where” easier to solve because you know a lot more about the “Why”.


Dr John McLellan is the Principal Geoscientist and founder of GMEX. Some of his previous positions include Senior Geoscientist and Acting Business Manager with a leading consultancy firm and Senior Research Fellow within the Economic Geology Research Unit, James Cook University. John now maintains an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow position with James Cook University where he continues to lecture Advanced Techniques in Exploration to post graduate students. John has vast experience in many different geological environments ranging from ancient Archean Au systems through Proterozoic multi-commodity (Cu, Au, Pb-Zn-Ag, Mo, REE) terranes and even into much younger rift-related mineralised zones. Dr McLellan has published more than 45 peer reviewed articles (a selection of which can be found on the Publications Page), and numerous government and consultancy reports. His current position as the Principal Geoscience Consultant with GMEX is focused on assisting mining and exploration companies in target delineation (some recent examples can be found on the Portfolio Page), ultimately helping them achieve cost-effective exploration strategies. John has been the recipient of several awards throughout his career, the latest industry focused achievement being the AUSIMM and EA Regional Resources Industry Professional of the Year in 2011.


GMEX is an innovative and progressive geology consultancy business. We employ the latest in technology, solid structural geology understanding, and tangential thinking to provide clients with innovative and dynamic solutions to mining and exploration problems. We are very much focused on providing a reliable and timely service to the minerals industry. Our innovative techniques of applying technology driven solutions to empirical datasets is fundamental to our success. GMEX is defined by our mission statement: