Effective Targeting using Structural Understanding and Geomechanical Modelling

GMEX works with both large and small exploration and mining companies to facilitate easier and more robust methods in mineral targeting for structurally controlled deposits. Here we have showcased some recent examples of work that has resulted in effective mineral discovery from within-to-near mine resource extensions through to regional exploration targeting.

Sunrise Dam Gold Mine

Geomechanical modelling of the Archaean Mesothermal Au deposit in the Laverton Tectonic Zone, W.A. Good structural observations and process models delivered deep mineralisation targets that resulted in the discovery of the 12 Mt Vogue Orebody.

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Red October Gold Mine

Structural Review and Geomechanical modelling of the Red October Au deposit in the Laverton Tectonic Zone, W.A. Modelling outputs delivered mineralisation targets that resulted in the discovery of two high-grade shoots, with several drill targets still to be tested...

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Mt Isa Copper

A review of structural controls and mineralisation at the Mt Isa Copper Deposit led to geomechanical modelling of the deposit to highlight near-mine targets. Modelling results identified several mineralisation targets that resulted in promising assay results and Cu intersections...

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Eastern Fold Belt

Discrete Element Modelling has highlighted the geomechanical response of the crust to regional deformation events. Fault architecture and competency contrasts have been the controlling factors in partitioning of stress and strain, and Cu-Au mineralisation...

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