Prospectivity Analysis

GMEX Mineral Prospectivty Analysis

GMEX can undertake a Prospectivity Analysis and Review of exploration tenements and deposits. We specialise in using various data types including mapping, structural measurements, geomechanical modelling and remote sensed data sets to help with the regional or mine sequence interpretation. After data collation and review we strongly advise the integration of a geomechanical study to ascertain the mot prospective structural targets based on the partitioning of stress and strain during deformation events. We are focused on helping companies achieve a better understanding of the most prospective areas based on the science and not just through a collation of data sets. We believe the validity of prospectivity analyses for structurally controlled mineral deposits without a ‘geological process layer’ can be questioned, particularly if based on training datasets, weights of evidence and expert knowledge, as many analyses of this type are simply a collation of data with a geological weighting. It is our opinion that having quantitative geomechanical data is paramount in fully understanding where structurally controlled deposits are located.